Ministry of Blue Economy & Civil Aviation

Hon. Andre Perez

Hon. Andre Perez

Minister of Blue Economy & Civil Aviation


Ministry Responsibilities
Blue Economy
  • Defining the vision and strategic direction for the Blue Economy Model for Belize
  • Defining polices and legislation to facilitate the implementation of the 5-year strategic plan
  • Coordinate multisectoral partners to ensure inclusion, greater partnerships and networking for greater impact
  • Maximize use of the oceanic resources for economic development
  • Effective Coastal and Marine Management and development
  • Serve as the balance between economic growth and investment through responsible use of our oceanic heritage.
  • Mobilize necessary resources for the implementation of the strategic plan
Civil Aviation
  • Define the vision and strategic direction of the department of Civil Aviation and its partner agency the Belize Airports Authority
  • Coordinate all stakeholders in the civil aviation industry
  • Policy and Legislation development and enforcement for the regulation of civil aviation in Belize
  • Ensure that goals are met according to the International Civil Aviation Organization Audits and requirements.
  • Mobilize and coordinate human and financial resources

Chief Executive Officer – Kennedy Carrillo
1688 Seashore Drive
Tel: +(501)-223-5937 / 2768


Department of Civil Aviation

Philip Goldson International Airport
Ladyville, Belize City
Tel: +(501)-225-2014
Fax: +(501)-225-2533

Fisheries Department

Coastal Zone Multi-Complex Building
Princess Margaret Drive
Tel: +(501)-224-4552

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